The organization of the EUC Golf shall be mainly based on the most recent Technical Regulations and Decisions of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (The Rules of Golf, 2016-19; Decisions on the Rules of Golf, 2016-17), taking into account any specific competition rules and local rules as appropriate.


Team Tournamnets:


• men’s team (72 (seventy-two) holes – stroke – play), maximum of 20 (twenty) teams,
• women’s team (72 (seventy-two) holes – stroke – play), maximum of 20 (twenty) teams.

Only 2 (two) best individual results of delegation count for team competition.





9 Sep - 10 Sep Arrival    
10 Sep Voluntary Practice 12am - 6pm Golf Club Liberec
11 Sep Offical Practice Day 8am - 5pm Golf Club Liberec
11 Sep General Technical Meeting 5pm TUL Dormitory
11 Sep Opening ceremony 7pm TUL Dormitory - building M
12 Sep - 15 Sep Competition days 9am Golf Club Liberec
13 Sep Acceptance by the Mayor of Liberec 7pm Townhall
15 Sep

Closing Ceremony

Closing Party


TUL Dormitory - building M


16 Sep Departures    



Golf Club Liberec




11th September - Opening ceremony 


13th September 8pm - acceptance by the Mayor of Liberec

15th September (after competitons have finished) - Final ceremony